Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jessica's Alarming Advance toward Adulthood

It was ok when Jessica was only turning 12, in 2004

Not so many candles and she always blew them out.

There were the presents.

And there was time for a little dance.

She sat around a bit with Avery.

And then we went to Champs de Mars

Then it happened again, in 2005!!

There was another present!  Jess was 13.

2006 - it was Eugi, Spain instead.

Pamplona was so exciting!  But no cake.

2007- Versailles!

no presents, except for Emily.

2008, on July 13th we were still in Santa Barbara moving to France.  But we made up for it in Lyon in December. This is Jess in her pyjamas at 16.5.

And another present!

2009: it happened again! 

Back to one candle.

And a present!

2010!!  18 years old!  Dinner is at Ze Kitchen Galerie

and a present!

But the photographic record ends there.

2011 -  Santiago!

2012 - New York City!

2013 - Somewhere in Nova Scotia

Pictures on not, Happy 21st Birthday Jessica!   We love you- C & A

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